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Pete Morawski

Freelance artist.

Italia vs Espana

I was pleasantly surprised by both sides after Spain beat Italy 4-0 in the Euro. There were a few bad apples (a drunk chick slapping and tugging at flags, couple grumpy kids, and the middle finger guy), but everybody else there was civil.…

16th Annual Calling All Artists Art Show

This past weekend I attended the Annual Calling All Artists Art Show. This time I put more thought into showing off my work: displaying fewer smaller images, more canvases, and more thought into organizing the board.A few things I’ve learnt on how…

CityNews Sucks!

CityNews Sucks!

I made a Google search of my name recently – you know, curious if I’m out on the interwebs. I came across a Citynews article that had been using my image for over a year. Using my image is one…