16th Annual Calling All Artists Art Show

This past weekend I attended the Annual Calling All Artists Art Show. This time I put more thought into showing off my work: displaying fewer smaller images, more canvases, and more thought into organizing the board.
A few things I’ve learnt on how to improve for future art shows:
Show less: Last year I displayed a variety of large and small images. This year I tried to show fewer, but larger images. Showing off less gives people less options of what to look at, making it less confusing of what to focus on.
Bigger is better: Without question, the bigger the images, the more interest you attract from people. My biggest images were of my dog, and two canvases, and those 3 were the biggest hits. People seemed to gravitate more to the larger images.
Tell a story: Every image doesn’t need to be connected in some way, but showing images that generate some sort of feeling will get people talking. My flora images had almost no discussion, but people would talk about how the lightning looked like as if it were dancing. Images portraying motion are more interesting that static ones.
Shit happens: During the setup, I accidentally cracked the glass for one of my frames. I could either use a different frame or the same frame without the glass. Without the glare from the glass, the image looks much better. In future shows I won’t be using any glass in my frames.