Occupy Toronto

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” ~Thomas Paine

Occupy Toronto protesters have been camping at St. James Park for over a week – complete with porta potties, hand washing stations, food tent, wifi tent, and other perks to make living there easier.
Police presence has been quite interesting. During the one week anniversary march to Nathan Phillips Square, I didn’t see a single officer. The only time I saw police was when I was leaving the park – a stark difference from when the protests began a week ago, when police were visible around every corner.

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Jack Layton Funeral Procession

Countless chalk notes were written for Jack Layton at Nathan Phillips Square. I made a stop at city hall to see the notes before heading down to Roy Thomson Hall.

Not able to get close enough to the hearse when Jack entered the building, I figure I’d make the best of the situation and get images of people who came out to see him for the last time.

Annual Calling All Artists Art Show

Last Sunday I participated in the 15th Annual Calling All Artists Art Show, organized by the management company of the building I live in. I had about two weeks notice of this show, so I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked to have been. Since it is an annual show, next year I will make sure I’m more prepared. Overall it went ok – met a few nice people and got my work out there. I haven’t done an art show in quite some time, so at least this inspired me find more of them to attend.

Photographers Don’t Get Snow Days

People relish at the thought of a snow day; taking a bubble bath, drinking hot cocoa, or catching up on their soaps. When people start talking about a snow day, that’s when I get most excited of going out and freezing my ass off. When the weather gets bad, that’s when I’m most happy – the other way around it seems for everyone else.
After seeing news reports on tv I was debating whether to go out or not, all of the white stuff seemed to have been cleaned up. I shoveled the driveway, took my dog for a walk, and decided to head down anyways. I’m glad I went, or else I would have missed all these images.
Snowy Wednesday: Cherry Beach
Snowy Wednesday: Sunset
Update: The image below was ‘Photo of the Day’ on the BlogTO website.
Snowy Wednesday: Swan
This little guy, or gal, kept scooting closer and closer to where I was sitting taking photos of him. At one point he was closer than an arm lengths away. I’ve seen video of geese attacking people, so I wasn’t sure if this swan was going to flip out either. Also noticed he was the only swan out there, and was slivering from the cold. I don’t know how these animals survive such horrible weather out there.
Snowy Wednesday: Streetcar
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