Best of 2010: TIFF

TIFF was amazing. Last year I went out for 2 days at the end of the festival, not capturing many celebrities. This year I dedicated myself to 8 days, usually staying out for 6-12 hours each day. If you don’t count my back spasms, it was really quite fun.
9. Kathleen Robertson
I wasn’t sure who Kathleen at the time, but she makes the list because she’s so damn gorgeous.
TIFF 2010: Kathleen Robertson 5
8. Keanu Reeves
It was quite surreal watching Keanu walking towards us at the hotel. He stuck around for quite a while – signing, talking and laughing with us.
TIFF 2010: Keanu Reeves 3
7. David Schwimmer
Someone told me I just missed David Schwimmer by a few minutes when I arrived at the hotel, making me very unhappy. When he came back, obviously I was ecstatic. David is exactly like Ross, very quiet and nice.
TIFF 2010: David Schwimmer 3
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Best of 2010: G20

I decided to give in and do a few “Best of” lists that everyone seems to be doing around this time of year. I think they’re quite beneficial so you can see exactly what you’ve accomplished throughout the year, and hopefully push you to do more next year.
I’ll make a few postings with my favorite images I’ve captured from various events I’ve attended the year. Hope you like them as well 🙂 My first list is of the G20 protests and aftermath. While I think I could have covered the event better, I don’t have my gear insured, so I had to give myself limits.
6. Fence Harper
I got lucky that the man turned the sign so I could get the other side.
2010 Toronto G20: Fence Harper
5. Gazing
Loving couple gazing into each others eyes, right before going on a rampage – how romantic.
2010 G20 Toronto: Gazing
4. Wave For The Camera
Was I surprised when to see police recording the crowd? Not so much. What did surprise me was when they were pointing at me, followed by a few cops talking to themselves while looking at me. Looking away, then back at me.
2010 Toronto G20: Wave For The Camera
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Looks Familiar

Looks Familiar
Arriving at Queens Park to photograph the CAPP Toronto Civil Liberties Day of Action protest, I saw that the turnout had declined from previous weeks rallies, so naturally was skeptic I would get any photos. I decided to head into the crowd just to make sure, and noticed a very familiar image being used on one of the fliers getting handed out.
Many people ask why I don’t care if my images get used without receiving payment. Quite simple: free advertising. Sure it’d be nice to get compensation for this image being used on a flier, but more important to me is having my name and website on the flier. So long it’s not used commercially, I enjoy when I see my images being put to good use.