Photographers Don’t Get Snow Days

People relish at the thought of a snow day; taking a bubble bath, drinking hot cocoa, or catching up on their soaps. When people start talking about a snow day, that’s when I get most excited of going out and freezing my ass off. When the weather gets bad, that’s when I’m most happy – the other way around it seems for everyone else.
After seeing news reports on tv I was debating whether to go out or not, all of the white stuff seemed to have been cleaned up. I shoveled the driveway, took my dog for a walk, and decided to head down anyways. I’m glad I went, or else I would have missed all these images.
Snowy Wednesday: Cherry Beach
Snowy Wednesday: Sunset
Update: The image below was ‘Photo of the Day’ on the BlogTO website.
Snowy Wednesday: Swan
This little guy, or gal, kept scooting closer and closer to where I was sitting taking photos of him. At one point he was closer than an arm lengths away. I’ve seen video of geese attacking people, so I wasn’t sure if this swan was going to flip out either. Also noticed he was the only swan out there, and was slivering from the cold. I don’t know how these animals survive such horrible weather out there.
Snowy Wednesday: Streetcar

Snowy Wednesday: Skating Snowy Wednesday: Tic Tac Toe
Snowy Wednesday: Ship