Best of 2010: Polska

Having not been to Poland for 20 years, it was nice to go back and see where I grew up for a few years. While I do love the country, it was defiantly good to come back home to Canada.
7. Tadeusza Kosciuszki
Such a wonderful atmosphere walking around these streets at night with all the beautiful lights and people taking strolls.
6. Yellow and White
A nice blend of yellow and white lights.
5. Hillside
Fog really does make landscape more interesting.

4. Night Lights
The water dances at night with a nice light show.
3. Flag
People walking around the ruined parts of Bogatynia – quite depressing.
2. Dog Walker
You can barely see the dog, but trust me, he’s there.
1. Riding in the Fog
Some people complain about the weather, others make best of  a bad situation.