Skip The Transit, Explore Your Neighborhood Instead

Last night was the first snow fall of 2011. I thought of going downtown for some snowy night photography, but it was one of those nights where you just want to stay home. So instead of spending two hours on the cold subway, I went for a walk in my neighborhood.
2011 First Snow: Snowy NightI got lucky when I saw someone walking in the snow, I really wanted a shot of someone walking in the snow.
2011 First Snow: Walker 2011 First Snow: Snowy Crossing
The area where I live there is not much of anything to photograph, so instead of whining about it. Instead, get creative.
2011 First Snow: Bokeh 2011 First Snow: Light On 2011 First Snow: TTC Trash
It seems someone doesn’t know how to walk straight – oh wait, this path is mine. 2011 First Snow: Can't Walk Straight